Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Be Prepared to Beg for Forgiveness...

Be Prepared to Beg for Forgiveness...
Originally uploaded by Absinthe Primrose

Jealousy rears her ugly head as you enter the room ... she hates it that you have what she can never have...she can't wait for the day you fall...

SIN: The darker side of human nature...be prepared to beg for forgiveness on October 17th...more details to follow at: StudioRedSL.com/SIN

Sponsored by Avenue Magazine, CheerNo, House of Gestures and LostangeL Industries.

Studio Red: dark.deviant.creative.

Poster 3 of 7 (Invidia: Envy/Jealousy) credits:
Model: Absinthe Primrose
Skin: Combo of Nomine / Trap / Mia Snow (combined in photoshop)
Hair: Shadowkeeper with chained Mace Flails by The Stringer Mausoleum
Eyes: Cat Eyes in Green by ATOMIC
Top: Black Corset by Abyss
Horns: Elegant Spiral Horns by Dark Goddess Designs
Hand : Part of a 3D Monster Model
Pose: Vampire 1 by 5ifth Order Animation Array

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