Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Issue #2 Release moved to 12/20/07 due sl issues!

Due to secondlife grid being down we have moved to release date to 12/20/07!
Sorry for the delay! But here is a glimpse of the issues cover! Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

FASHION EXPOSE' 2007! December 14th 7pm slt!

Graves Style would like to proudly announce....

Location: Le Cadre 125, 69, 355

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle Belles Simone! Holiday Fashion Show!

~Jingle Belles Simone! Christmas Holiday fashion show here on the OnRez Runway!~

Runway Announcer: Alexandra Nichols

Alexandra Nichols: Welcome everyone to the Jingle Belles Simone! Christmas Holiday fashion show here on the OnRez Runway. With the party season approaching fast and Christmas only weeks away, Simone has worked her fingers to the bone to release some of the most breathtaking outfits for this or any holiday season. No matter what hemisphere you are living in, we can always count on Simone! to supply us with the perfect outfit for any occasion.
Simone Stern raises her hands "SEE THE BONES!"

Alexandra Nichols: Some of the gowns you are about to see are only available till the 24th of December... After that they disappear to make way for the New Year! ~Smiles~
With Simone! Gowns and shoes, and hair by Calla and Panache I can only say one thing ... Get ready to have your Belles Jingled, by Holiday designs like no others.


Alexandra Nichols: Arabella Graves ( model for Calamity's Haute Models Agency) ... continues our trend of Southern Christmas Belles in Dahlia.Another Limited Time Christmas Release. Once again this gown has a historical air in keeping with the Ball Room Traditions of the Deep South. Though this time in striking Christmas RED only. The red tapestry bodice is accented with gold lace and white silk and features flexi sleeves and a perfect asset framing neckline! This is a gown for a headstrong Southern Lady! Or anyone that wants to channel their Inner Belle! While I might not be able to wear this in Australia at Christmas either ( mummble grummble), all of us can command any Ball in SL these Holidays!Available only in Red and only till the 24th, this outfit includes flexi skirt and sleeves as well as matching stockings and panties.


Alexandra Nichols: WARNING! This outfit is TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Genevieva Ferraris (model for Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency).... is in this years Simone! Elf 2007! Every year Simone! releases a Costume specifically designed and named for the Holiday season.. Elf 2007 is this years must have Christmas outfit. Whether visiting friends or handing out presents. Elf 2007 is sure to get comments where ever you go. Featuring a sculptie hat with bell, white fluffy collar and cuffs and candy cane tights, this outfit brings to mind the childlike joy of the holiday season. Alexandra Nichols: Add a short fluffy edged flexi skirt and you have the perfect outfit for skipping around the winter sims! This costume is only available till the 24th of December so get in quick!

Alexandra Nichols: Looking for something perfect for both the Christmas Ball and New Years Eve? Then look no further than Angel6 Susanti (owner of Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency) in Party Girl in Red! Once again Simone! has given us the perfect outfit for all occasions. Party Girl is two outfits in one! You can choose between a full belle skirt or a short cocktail skirt, each with their own flexi bow at the waist. Party girl features the outstanding hand drawn embroidery
Simone Stern: no no no I didn't hand draw the lace. Parts of that bow are hand drawn tho lol :D
Alexandra Nichols: and shading that we all know and love in Simone! Designs.
Simone Stern: but thanks for the vote of confidence! :D
Alexandra Nichols: Well your hand drawn is so good it is hard to tell!
Simone Stern: Kind of you :)
Alexandra Nichols: The classic strapless bodice is highlighted with black that is echoed around the edge of both flexi skirts as well as a black sash and flexi bow. And with 2 flexi skirt options to choose from, this gown can do double duty all through the holiday season. Available in Red or White, this outfit includes a two flexi bows, two flexi skirts, elbow length gloves, matching stockings and panties.

Alexandra Nichols: Please help me in welcoming out our Runway Director Calamity Hathaway.
Wearing the much desired Poinsettia in Red!
Calamity Hathaway: Please join me in thanking our awesome and always stylish announcer.
Alexandra Nichols: Poinsettia is one of the most sought after outfits in SL.
Calamity Hathaway: Thank you also to Angel6 Susanti, owner of the Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency! And to the staff and Models of Calamity's Haute Models!
Alexandra Nichols: For those that have been asking... Yes my own outfit also also a Simone! Design... Santa Baby is available till the 24th and has the best fluffy in SL! ~Smiles~
(showin above)

Happy Holidays from us and Simone!
So make sure to stop by Simone's and see all her gorgeous creations!

Thank you Simone again for all you do!

Location: Simone 123, 154, 36

Modeling Agencys:
Calamity's Haute Models Agency
Aussie modeling agency

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lots of changes to come in 2008!

We are working feverishly at tons of new things for Graves Style that will soon to come in 2008! We are very excited by it all ! We will soon be bringing out Issue #2 its will be a small special Edition to Christmas and Fashion and much more.. then after that the Will be coming out with a new look and feel for the in-world magazine to match many other new things coming out! So stay tuned!

Introducing a glimpse of whats to come our new Logo!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shoe Review: Stiletto Moody Shoes!

(Photo By Elease Graves/ Model: Elease Graves)
Style Showin: Tie Me Up (Silver on Silver)
When I first set my eyes on Stiletto Moody Shoes I couldn't resist and stood there forever drooling at thems and there so worth there price. Alot of them are menu driven with AO Sexy walk and Heel Click and much more depending on the style of shoe you get.
I give this shoe store *5 Stars* ... there the best I have seen and love them. The detail is amazing... there a must see!
Nice job Stiletto Moody!!! We love what you do :)
Visit Stiletto Moody Shoes at Deauville (45, 29, 22)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Urban Fabulous Style Find!

My dear friend Zeta Vandyke, one of my Top Models showed me a wonderful store called Dutch Touch for Urban clothes. Shes got me hooked line and sinker hehe. So I thought I would share it with all you Graves Style readers.

What is Elease Graves wearing?



LInDy DreSses


:: DUTCH TOUCH MAINSTORE =^.^= , Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)



LAST CALL: Wood, Metal, & Opal Jewellery Set

Last Call by Dazzle Haute Coutur, Dazzle (67, 19, 27)


JCNY - BirthGem Collection - October Opal

JCNY Collection,, Farrah Island (195, 59, 24)



Analog Dog- tamara brunette

Analog Dog Quality Flexi Hair, Triggerfish (28, 27, 21)



Linda Light by PXL Creations=Coffee_CatEyes_Brown Eyebrows

PXL Creation Boutiques Main Stor, Peronaut (22, 51, 48)



DDD black Posh Ankle Boot

Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)


Ewing Fashion Agency and OnRez Launch Fashion Design Awards in Second Life.

Ewing Fashion Agency and OnRez Launch Fashion Design Awards in Second Life
Second Life, November 19, 2007: Today Ewing Fashion Agency ("EFA") and OnRez announced the creation of the Ewing Design Awards in Second Life. With the Ewing Design Awards, EFA and OnRez are creating a global online contest that will unite the entire Second Life community in a celebration of the best that Second Life fashion has to offer.
Ewing Fashion Agency Chief Executive Officer Una Ewing said, "The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) has been in operation for five months and in that time, we have witnessed numerous contests and competitions geared towards models, but never anything concrete for the people who actually toil and sweat to create the beautiful fashions that we enjoy wearing. The Ewing Design Awards gives the Second Life community the opportunity to reward the creativity and innovation of the fashion content creators in Second Life."
Awards and prizes by will be granted in different categories, such as hair, skins, and shoes, ensuring niche content creators a fair chance of winning. An Overall Winner prize will also be granted to the designer with the most sales, as measured by revenue, across any of the listed categories. As of today, Second Life content creators will be allowed to enter one new and exclusive design through the Shop OnRez website, Second Life consumers will "vote" for their favorite designers through purchases in-world and through of entered contest items. Sales of the entered items will be measured by Shop OnRez from December 1,2007 through January 6, 2008 , with winners determined at the end of that period as measured by the total revenue from sales of the entered contest item. The full contest rules and instructions for entering can be found at the Ewing Fashion Agency website, located at
The Overall Winner will receive L$100,000 in prize money provided by Shop OnRez, a full-service fashion show coordinated by the Ewing Fashion Agency, and an advertising and promotional media package worth more than L$ 50,000. Winners in individual categories will receive L$7,500 in prize money provided by Shop OnRez, a fashion show voucher worth L$1000 towards a fashion show by the Ewing Fashion Agency, and an advertising and promotional media package worth more than L$ 25,000.
The winners will be feted at the Ewing Design Awards gala event held on the 15th of Januay, 2008.
About the Ewing Fashion Agency
Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic and dynamic group founded by model Una Ewing which develops, trains and promotes the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. As a fashion promotions agency, EFA uses fashion as a promotional tool for our non-fashion industry related clients, and promotes the fashion of fashion industry related clients. More about EFA can be found at their website,
About OnRez
OnRez is a growing suite of software services designed for users of virtual worlds, with an initial focus on Second Life. OnRez's goal is to make virtual worlds easier to use and help information flow more efficiently within and across virtual worlds and the Web. OnRez is created by the software team within The Electric Sheep Company. Shop OnRez is the most advanced ecommerce solution for Second Life users, providing buying and selling tools on the web and in-world.
( press release by Ewing Fashion Agency )

JCNY - 3rd Model Search Winners!

JCNY - 3rd Model Search Winners and Awards Announcement
Welcome to the winning top models for JCNYModel Search November 2007
November was sensational!Here are the winning models in order of place
Top 10 WomensJCNY Models, We proudly applaud:
1 - Lux Debevec

2- Payton Heron

3- Innika Ferraris

4- Venla DeCuir

5- Ai Hienrichs

6- Elease Graves

7- Fann Hyun

8- Heavenly Hollywood

9- Harmonica Aabye

10- Kym Shepherd

Top 5 MensJCNY Models, We proudly applaud:
1- Crescenzo Infinity

2- Davey Hullabaloo

3- Franck Veranes

4- Wavie Haller

5- Raffaello Robbiani

Congratulations to all winning Models!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fantastic Team Meeting!!

We had a wonderful fantastic meeting with alot ideas and organization... Alot of exciting things to come for Graves Style. The next issue in world will be Fantastic! With alot of surprises and new things... very exciting! This next issue will be 3 months combined in one issue Nov./Dec./Jan.! So keep your eyes and ears open or join the in world Group .:: Graves Style ::. for more info.
Graves Style Flickr Contest Winners!
For issue Nov./Dec./Jan.!
We have been getting the flickr members involved with Graves Style by adding a graves style group and everyone is allowed to add photos to the pool. We choose 6 photos we feel are the best in the pool for each issue of Graves Style and do a spread in the magazine.
Winners are *drum roll*:
Stephen Venkman
Nyla Rossini
Melodious Source
Ryker Beck
Marie Lauridsen
Keiko Morigi
Congrats Winners will be seeing your photos & bios in the next issue!
To see the winning photos go here

Saturday, October 20, 2007

EFA~Fashion Week Day 4!

It was a long week for our writer/model Graciana McMillan (photos in slide) walking down the runway at Ewing Fashion District at Saint Helene, but she got through it with grace and glamour at EFA Fashion week by Ewing Fashion Agency in association with Second Style Magazine and hosted by Una Ewing CEO of Ewing Fashion Agency! Day 4 Designers were Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai and Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon be sure to look them up in-world and check out there wonderful stores and designs! Many wonderful models walked and posed gracefully down the runway and the designs dazzled the runway and the fashionistas. Alot of well known people were in the crowd enjoying the show to many to list. After the show there was a nice comfy interview with the designers where the guests get to ask questions and they anwsered as Una Ewing sat grandly in her chair hosting the interview (pictures in slide). Then after the interview Una Ewing hosted a dance party in the beautiful dance area at Ewing Fashion District at Saint Helene (photo of Elease Graves and Graciana McMillan dancing). It was a gorgeous and stylish event and I would like to thank Una Ewing for all the hard work she put into the show... and last off I would like to thank my sissy Graciana McMillan for grabbing me by the hand and taking me to such a exciting show before the whole event was over.
~Elease Graces~

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interview with 12Avatar Girl - Uma Troell

I know that anyone who saw her loved the pics of Uma in the first edition of .::Graves Style::. So it goes without saying that getting to know the blonde bombshell is the icing on the cake. I was able to pry deeper into what makes Ms. Troell tick, and sharing this exclusively with you! Keep in mind though, Uma-licious is not only smart, beautiful, and witty, she is a fire cracker with a killer sense of humor to go along with that killer....well you know...anyways keep the tongue in the cheek as you read on....

Uma, we all want to know what is your most positive experience in SL: "Without a doubt it was the Heron Sanctuary charity event I ran for my club, The Perfumed Garden. It totally made Sl feel less indulgent and more like a vehicle to positively impact people's lives. I had the warm fuzzies after that event for weeks :)"

If you were the goddess of SL what would you change/create? "Wait...what do you mean "if" missy! We can edit that later. Anyway, my first edict would be all men must remain topless at all times and all women are forbidden from asking me for LM's so they can get the same outfits as I have...and of course the usual bowing and averting of eyes by all while in my presence ;-)"

Favorite aspect of SL: "For me personally it’s the creative writing. I love to conjure emotions and cause visceral reactions by my use of words. Through emotes and role-play as well as just conversational IM’ing, I have had the most wonderful, thought provoking and entertaining interactions with people. In RL as well as SL I always admire those who can evoke emotion through the written word."

What do you think of women’s roles in SL: "Women can take SL as far as their imaginations and drive will allow. I am such a girls girl and am in complete support of any women that want to pursue business or more creative aspects of SL. My plan is to start a female business owners group and grow a network of women helping women to self actualize."

What is a typical day in SL for Uma Troell? "Well it usually starts with an hour long meeting with my stylist (my typist) and we decide what look we are trying to achieve for the day. Then I meet with my hair and makeup people (my typist) and we try out several hairstyles and makeup looks to find the right ones. Then I go to the shoe closet and discuss footwear with a specialist (my typist), once the proper shoes have been chosen its on to jewelry and accessories where I work with a wonderful woman (my typist) who pulls the whole look together. I have a huge entourage (my typist) but I couldn’t get anything done without them (my typist)! Oh, after that I go and do everything else, all the boring businessy stuff no one wants to hear about."

Favorite inventory item? "Last time I was asked this question I said my friends list (I know its not technically an “inventory item”…sue me) but as of today my favorite inventory item is my new sculpty prim boots. They’re suede and the best fall tobacco color! Does this mean I’m becoming shallow?"

Thoughts on your AV appearing on a RL/SL calendar: "I think it’s awesome and I am totally pumped. I think it’s incredible the way SL and RL collide at times and I think it’s fantastic that someone in the real world might have a calendar hanging up with pics of me and the other 11 girls on it…how hard does that rock? Seriously, I am so honored to be part of the project and am still a bit overwhelmed by it all. And I know I am a very lucky girl to have the support of such wonderful friends in SL who helped me tremendously with this. That includes you Graci girl! Luv ya G…lets hang out later, we’ll make out…lol!"

Uma’s next project? "Oh my gosh there are so many! First thing is to organize another charity event ASAP...I am actively searching for in world charities that can accept donations. Then I guess I will move on to directing my own machinima production...gotta learn how to do that, building an annex to my club, forming my business owners group, organizing my own pageant and, as always, continuing to build my empire."

Best place you’ve been to in SL? "I know I am biased, but honestly my fav place in all of SL is my club, The Perfumed Garden. That place is more than just another SL club, it’s a living breathing entity and it’s a part of me, it’s in my heart. The people that hang out there are my family and the girls that work for me are my sisters and I love them all dearly. The Garden is where I laugh, cry, chat, argue, socialize, love, hate, dance, mingle, learn, giggle, grow…and party!!!"

Most surprising thing in SL: "The people…man there are some characters in SL! It never ceases to amaze me what funny, articulate, well read, educated people SL attracts…its gotta be the most eclectic group of citizens ever!"

Anything else you want people to know? "I’m not bad…I’m just drawn that way ;-)"

.:: Graves Style ::. First Issue in-world Released!!

1st Issue came out with a "BANG"! Graves Style Creative Team Worked so
hard this last month on all the wonderful storys and photos!
Thanks GS team!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ravenlynn Templar of Liquid Velvet Studios aka LVS & co.

Me and Arabella had the pleasure to Interview Ravenlynn Templar of Liquid Velvet Studios (LVS) for a big part of our first issue.
Shes known for her detailed fashion designs and fun costumes and also helps with donations for Toys for Tots. Her shop is located at Cassiopeia Isle Drive in-world... very beautiful sim and has a great Halloween street and now a Roller Skating Rink and also a Cinema with Halloween movies playing. She also shares the Isle with other awesome businesses, NekoTails, Lynx, Silky Whispers, Stolen Moments, Bridal Party, The Pampered Puss, The Broken Doll.

You can find these shops with this slurl....
So check them out!
And be sure to look for her interview in the first issue of Graves Style on Oct 13th 2007!
Graves Style would like to thank Ravenlynn for her time and hard work on her beautiful designs and giving all of us fashionista's something to always look forward to.

Graves Style Magazine First Issue Release Date!

We will be releasing Issue #1 on Oct 13th 2007.... the creative team has been working really hard to make it possiable. Thanks Teams for all your hard work and time you have put into making us a success.
Magazine Vendors will be available also (no mod/copy/tranfer) just IM Elease Graves or go to the Graves Style headquaters to get your copy.

~Elease Graves~

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simone! Fall Line Fashion Show!

The fashion show held for the popular designer Simone was a smash! Her new designs simply dazzle, and the grace with which the Calamity Models held themselves was simply lovely! Many of the top Magazine owners, writers, fashionista showed up to see what new fashion hits Simone would whip out of her closet.

Being as the sim was maxed out do to the event my co-owner Arabella and Graciana was unable to attend the fashion show but luckily made it for the after part and they like myself was just as excited and thrilled to be there, rubbing elbows with some of sl's best.
(Photo of Simone Stern: Designer)
*Blog post by Elease Graves & Arabella Graves*

Friday, September 28, 2007

Congrats Uma Troell from Graves Style Team!!!!

Introducing 6th calendar pick: Uma Troell.

Photo By Finn Ormsby.

Uma enjoys managing a team and sees her employee group as her family. She cares for this family and takes great pride in seeing them grow and develop into confident, smart, sexy women in SL. She also participated in the Relay for Life and has offered her support to Una Ewing and her Ginko Relief project. She recently held a charity event for the Heron Sanctuary which raised well over $65,000Ls in donations.

(Information provided by Monkeyface Woodget/ his announcement in-world)

Graves Style would like to send out Congrats. to Uma! Watch for her in our first issue soon to come.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Writer: Graciana McMillan also a model.

I would like the welcome Graciana as a writer to .:: Graves Style ::.!

Pictured above: Graciana McMillan (writer, model)

Can't wait to see all the great works of all the writers!
~Elease Graves~

Monday, September 24, 2007

In-world Magazine Soon to come!

I've been working hard the last few weeks scripting, building, graphics, photography.. you name it that comes with publishing a magazine in second life. But I'm happy to announce that the In-world prim magazine and vendors will be finished by the middle October or sooner! If you would like a vendor to place in your shop or home or just have to give out please email me at and I will get it to you asap once its finished. But before then keep checking back to the blog for information or join our group in-world .:: GRAVES STYLE ::.


If your a business in second life and would like to have a one page spread ad in Graves style limited 1 per business maxium ads per magazine 5. So contact us asap and get on the waiting list and find out the cost.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Team Group Photo!

We all got up at the crack of dawn to do this shoot of the Team!

Front row left to Right: Arabella Graves, Darkside Emmons, Elease Graves.

Back row left to Right: Graciana McMillian, Daryl Watanabe, Zeta Vandyke, Taylor Barnes.

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Diva Style 2007" brought to you by MODA Modeling School & Diva Style!

A very classy fashion show with a twist of modern flash and glamour. The models walked the catwalk gracefully and faced the lag with grace! I enjoyed this show.
The MC was classic and kept it fun and interesting and the music was only made it better. At the end KandieKain Laval won the crown for Miss Diva Style 2007!
I would like to thank Graciana McMillan for inviting me and Arabella to this awsome show! and MODA Modeling School & Diva Style for putting on such a great show
for all of us to enjoy!

.:: NEW ::. Guest Book Below!

We newly added a awsome guest book to the blog so all the Style fans can interact with our site! We want .:: Graves Style ::. to be as fun as possiable and no lameness and we never want to bore you!



Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Made friends & Memories rekindled!

"Me in the July Budweiser Select Lingerie Modeling Contest!"

I stood in Solange for about an hour deciding whether or not to join this Lingerie contest "Budweiser Select Lingerie Modeling Contest" brought to you by Millionofus. I finally got the guts to do so... after about a week of waiting for the results they invited me into the the group and sent me note-cards and information on what to do... I was excited yet nervous because I had never been in a Second Life runway show. The big day arrived and I walked down the runway fighting through the lag with a smile.. Sadly, I never made it into the top 5 but through word of mouth discovered that I was all over many of the ads and promos for the event, example....this video made by millionofus:

Photos also...[Elease Graves(contestant), Graciana McMillan(2nd place), Scarlett Niven(winner)]
Snapshots provided by Graciana.
Then time came for the two finalists to go up against each other for the big win... Scarlett Niven and Graciana McMillan. In the end Scarlett came out with the winning title. ~~~~~~~~
One day I was in my Photo Studio and I get a IM that had me shocked... Graciana McMillan wanting professional photos done by me O.O. Of course I didn't say no so I made a appointment to do her photos. She came in and I mean this girl glowed and was so sweet and enjoyed every minute doing her photo shoot.

Photo of Graciana McMillan by Elease Graves.

That night she invites me to the celebration of hers and Scarletts.

Graciana's and Scarletts party....

Graciana, Arabella, Elease dancing on the Bar at Bud select club at the party.~~~~~~~~~
As of today I have hired Graciana as a model for .:: Graves Style ::. " Welcome Graci" !
And she will remain my dear friend for a life time!
Thank you Millionofus for this wonderful experience!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

White Radiance!

Model: Elease Graves
Whats she wearing you ask?
Hair: ETD Jared - Sunny (male hair)
Tattoo: Sweet Flowers Tattoo @ Cherish Studios!
Skirt: Nyte'N'Day - Raiment Prim Skirt (white)
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - White Wifebeater (comes with the Nyte'N'Day -Jean Jacket-regular)
Necklace: DDD Silver Capricorn Zodiac Necky 597 @ Digital Dragon
Earrings: [Encore] Timeless Hoop Earrings (black pearl) @ Encore (main store)
Skin: Chai-blueberry @ Lovey's Boutique

New Models!

I would like to welcome our new models for .:: Graves Style ::. !

Graciana McMillan
Ashtin Graves
Thorn Orr
Sebastain Bourne

Lead Models + Publishers, Writers, Editors.
Elease Graves
Arabella Graves

Thank you ladies and gents for joining our awsome team!