Monday, January 28, 2008

!NEW! Coming!

Our Web Host & Web Designer Darkside Emmons has been working feverishly along side Elease Graves to make a stunning site for the magazine... that will be coming very soon we already have it up and redirected to the blog for the moment until we get it all put together. Hope all you fashionista's in second life enjoy and love what is to come for Graves Style.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the winner is... by Uma Troell

Perfumed Lingerie and the Girls Who Know How to Work it…

Little did ya’ll know that while you were busy ringing in the New Year the Graves Style Team has been feverishly working on selecting the first ever Perfumed Lingerie Models picked exclusively from the lovely ladies at the Perfumed Garden, a place near and dear to my heart *giggles.

The competition was tough, the ladies were all gorgeous and the lingerie to die for, but somehow we managed after hours of arguing, and some black eyes and bruised egos, to emerge from the Graves Style conference room with the names of 3 sexy ladies to be Graves Style’s first Perfumed Lingerie Models and appear in the upcoming edition of Graves Style magazine in my column Underneath It All ;-) The winning models also received a JCNY prize package and a photoshoot with our fearless leader, the fabulously talented Elease Graves…woot!

The models were all asked to submit 3 photos of themselves wearing their favorite lingerie along with a notecard explaining what about that outfit made them feel like the sexiest kitten in all of second life. Here’s a sneak peak at our 3 beautiful winners, Hollis Soderstrom, Telluro Dagger and Elizabeth2007 Flanagan…look for the full story and more about these luscious ladies in the next issue of Graves Style magazine!

Hollis is wearing Giselle Pantie, Bra and Stockings by Hi Standard
Enchant Shoe by Maitreya
Rachel hair by ETD
Lacie Skin and Shape by RaC

Telluro chose to model Lace Corset set in Olive, by PopFuzz
No.9 Nylons Special Vintage Edition in Darker Black, by No.9 Nylons
Vinyl Vixens Hells in Black, by TESLA
Lady Cameo Necklace Set in gold, by !BF!
Boucle d'oreille by Baccara earrings
Essentia Rose in Red size M, by Essentia
I&k Glamour Nails in Burgundy, by I&K
AladyDitaeyebrows, by Alady
Ludmilla Eyes, by Ars*Nova (Custom)
F-Holes Tattoo, by JetDoll
TaP Vivant Almond Candy 3 skin, by Tete a Pied
Kitten with a whip hair in Natural Black , by Ingenue
Shape made by Telluro
Elizabeth Flanagan has on the Leia Black Corset Outfit by INSOLENCE
KinkMaster in Charcoal shoes by Cookies Creations
Diamonds earrings by Sheila`s
Haley Onyx skin by Naughty
ETD Willow hair
Photos Enhanced by Elease Graves.

Valentine's... Lingerie Heaven!

What is Elease Graves wearing?
Hair: RAC- Divine
Lingerie: Simone- Shannon in red
Necklace: JCNY- Rose Garden Heart in silver.

Simone's work is gorgeous and so detailed enough to make any man happy to see his love in. And the Rose Garden Heart from JCNY would make a wonderful gift for valentines. <3