Saturday, December 27, 2008

☑ Coming soon.... Unmentionable !

☑ Coming soon....

Unmentionable - Elegant Wedding Gowns and Lingerie !
Designer Elease Graves!

Unmetionable , Ellesmere (179, 176, 147)

** GRAND OPENING is set for 01/20/09 **

Make A Wish Celebrity Charity Auction Invite

Make A Wish Celebrity Charity Auction Invite
Originally uploaded by Studio Red Events

Studio Red cordially invites you to attend the Second Life Make-a-Wish Celebrity Charity Auction. The event showcases 21 SL celebrities, each available for a two-hour date via auction. We invite you to help us make a difference. Please join us Sunday, December 28, 2008 from 1PM until 5PM SLT. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Meredith Freund and you will have ample opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with the celebrity auctionees.

Remember to arrive early, capacity is limited!


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Costa Rica Sims & Runway Productions: Designers Showcase

Costa Rica Sims & Runway Productions: Designers Showcase
Originally uploaded by Anessa Stine

"Glamourati Costa Rica Style" Fashion Show

Sunday December 28th 2008 at 12 pm SLT
@ Costa Rica Events Sim

Monday, December 22, 2008

VOTE! Dark Eden Girl - Elease Graves - December

Vote for Elease Graves as Dark Eden Girl

Take this slurl ....

Click here to take slurl to Dark Eden to Vote

Be sure to check out Dark Edens creations also :)

Elease Graves

Sunday, December 21, 2008

sabra Hemingway

sabra Hemingway
Originally uploaded by Cienega Soon

New emerging Second Life Artist ~ sabra Hemingway

Her landscapes can only be described as brilliant picture perfect captures, laced with her eye for vivid color, vibrant tapestries of her lively imagination.

Her first galleried show will be a hit. Along with some of her already spotted works seen on her flickr and KoinUp pages, sabra will be surprising us with new unseen work.

Dont miss this chance to meet her and drink in her artistic style on the walls of Juicy gallery.

sabra Hemingway is a very collectible artist.
One piece at the opening will be a limited edition.

January 3rd
7:00pm SLT
Dress Formal
show runs thru the thru Jan 11th 2009

Save the Date! Win $5000L!

Save the Date! Win $5000L!
Originally uploaded by Ryker Beck

Come and celebrate the release of From Second Life to Florence with the Avatrait artists and fans!

Time to brush up on that Second Life art knowledge! Come dressed as your favorite piece of Second Life art and compete for the chance to win a free copy of the book as well as $5000L cash! Second place will receive a free copy of the book! Get creative. Be imaginative. Let your freak flag fly! And be prepared to let us know which piece of art you are dressed up as, cause, you know... we'd like to know. :P

Event Details:
Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
Code Red Lounge
DJs: Azufr3 Catteneo and special guest DJ

A special thank you to all the artists of Avatrait for helping make this book a reality. Thank you to CodeBastard Redgrave for allowing us the use of her sim for what is sure to be one KICK ASS party! Thank you to Azu for agreeing to DJ, and thank you to all of the Avatrait staff and board, without which we wouldn't even have this party to throw. XD

Save the date! And I'll see ya there. ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freak Show Project

Freak Show Project
Originally uploaded by [Y.D.A.L.G.O.L]


Who said yes for now?

angelllina Tedeschi
Asenath Rossini
Mavi Beck
Jarl Soderstrom
Estella McCallen
Alii Vella
Raffaello Robbiani
Hio Taringa
Faina Cortes
Sura Abismo
Eva Grimes
Mu Negulesco
Andreas Winger
Keiko Morigi
Gabrielle Sinatra
Galatea Zabelin
Cynthia Ultsch
Maitreya Graves
Stephen Venkman
Cerdwin Flanagan
Dolly Voom
Crow610 Mainline
Stein Stilova
telemaco Homewood
Thea Denja
Qaxxos (naaame!)
Denise Rowlands
Pilgrim Miles
Vallys Baxter
four yip
Xavi Nightfire
Carmilla Mirabeau
Canguro Willsmere
Marie Lauridsen

What about you?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DE Designs Invitation

DE Designs Invitation
Originally uploaded by Alianna Logan

November 30, 2008 @ 3pm SLT

Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008


Originally uploaded by KMADD Enterprise

Saturday, November 15th 12:30 pm slt. Join Kmadd Enterprise group in world and be part of this special event! Check out the amazing gardens built by Maddox Dupont.
Photography: Aldero Akami
Model: Giancarlo Takacs

TLIB Event - Teaser # 2

TLIB Event - Teaser # 2
Originally uploaded by Studio Red Events

The Life is Beautiful Mall
Customer Appreciation Event
4 DJs, 4 Contests, 8 Hours

If you are not already on the guest list, visit Studio Red Gallery to sign up!

SLSC Twelfth Night Act 1 Playbill I

SLSC Twelfth Night Act 1 Playbill I
Originally uploaded by Ina Centaur

Miniseason Showtimes:
Wednesday, Nov 12 - 11 am "sneak peek"
Thursday, Nov 13 - high noon
Friday, Nov 14 - 1 PM
Saturday, Nov 15 - 2 pm - (ticketed)
Sunday - no show
Monday, Nov 17 - high noon

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Opium Fashion Agency Debuts 11/9

Opium Fashion Agency Debuts 11/9
Originally uploaded by Alianna Logan

First fashion show for our agency on November 9, 2008 at 3pm SLT featuring OFA Models Kate Stockholm, Nemi McCoy, Queenie Extraordinaire, GiannaBella Pastorelli, Raine McCellan, Mariah Urriah, Ornella Alter and Melinda Emms.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

IN Darkness

IN Darkness
Originally uploaded by Azu Catteneo

Poster by Absinthe Primrose


THIS Sunday, October 26th, from 12-4:30pm SLT!
"In Darkness" is slated to be our darkest, most deviant and stunningly creative event yet! Get dressed up and come check out three of the best DJs and some of the hottest models in SL - DJ Sensuality, DJ Azu and DJ Kromus.
A special thanks to all of our sponsors, builders and event contributors: Risque Animations, Maddox DuPont of KMADD, Jonny Dusk of 5th Order Animation Array, Hollywood Gestures,, AlphaMale & BlackLace, Goth1c0, Atelier, Vitamen and Dark Goddess Designs!

Contact Absinthe Primrose or Madison Canetti for an invite, OR use this SURL to the event THIS Sunday: Mateo/42/118/61

Calendar Girls @ Strawberry Fields 2

Calendar Girls @ Strawberry Fields 2
Originally uploaded by Anessa Stine

Well Anessa Stine really did a sexy job on this photo of Elease Graves and Dahni Ella ... Calendar Girls Hawtness at Strawberry Fields Cafe ... Me and Anessa are wearing lingerie from blacklace. It was a fantastic party even though I couldn't stay long and The gorgeous talented Summer Deadlight was Djing.

Enjoy this hawtness!

Elease Graves "CEO* giggles

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DJ Summer Deadlight @ FF Wed. 7-9pm SLT

DJ Summer Deadlight @ FF Wed. 7-9pm SLT
Originally uploaded by xo GLAM BOA xo

DJ Summer Deadlight @ FF Wed. 7-9pm SLT

Introducing for the first time at Fat Fannies, the sexy and talented DJ Summer Deadlight! "BEST IN ACCESSORIES" Event at Fat Fannies 7 -9pm SLT on Wed. 10/22/08. Come dressed in your snazziest accessories (bracelets, necklace, hats, bags, belts)! Live DJ taking your requests, witty chat, good times! It may be cold outside but Fat Fannies Beachclub is always HOT!

**Original photo by the lovely Summer: ***

~Blacklace~ Carnal Sin: Teal Satin & Lace

Carnal Sin in teal is a beautifully done lingerie set from Blacklace in Alphamale. Blacklace really empresses me with there detail and style they create. And something that anyones second life partner would enjoy looking at on there beauty.

BLACKLACE, Alphamale (121, 119, 36)
Blacklace offers sexy, seductive corsets and lingerie for women who wants to feel sensual. Visit Blacklace for unique, high detailed lingerie that every woman must have in her inventory.

(Jewelry seen on model is from Alienbear)
Model: Elease Graves

Lady In Waiting- Elease Graves- Graves Style

Lady In Waiting- Elease Graves- Graves Style
Originally uploaded by Elease Graves

Styles of Edo

Styles of Edo
Originally uploaded by bellelefavre

Grand re-Opening 24 hr party

Grand re-Opening 24 hr party
Originally uploaded by Cienega Soon

A Night of Fantasy and Decadence...

A Night of Fantasy and Decadence...
Originally uploaded by absintheprimrose

In Darkness - Teaser # 4

In Darkness - Teaser # 4
Originally uploaded by Studio Red Events

Graves Style says this is a must see event!!!

Escape from Hell

Escape from Hell
Originally uploaded by Evangeline Cortes

Lost Angel Poses are a fave for Graves Style!

Lingerie Party

Lingerie Party
Originally uploaded by Kristi Maurer

you're invited... Fashion at the Cove!

you're invited... Fashion at the Cove!
Originally uploaded by Alaska Metropolitan

Korova Milk Bar Halloween Invite

Korova Milk Bar Halloween Invite
Originally uploaded by Jarl "The Butt" Soderstrom

Trick o Mask at Skin City 10 27 to 10 31

Trick o Mask at Skin City 10 27 to 10 31
Originally uploaded by Ina Centaur

.:*:. In Darkness .:*:. - A Studio Red Event!

"When creatures of the night come out to play . . .
Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 12 to 4:30pm SLT
1 Build / 2 Sims / 3 DJ's
Build by Maddox DuPont.
An event to lust for.

Sponsored by Risque Animations, Hollywood Gestures,, Blacklace & Alphamale, Goth1c0, Atelier, Vitamen and Dark Goddess Designs. "

Check out:
*RISQUE ANIMATIONS GANGBANG!, Risque Isle (152, 143, 25)

This is a don't miss event! Hope to see you all there!

Elease Graves *CEO & Founder*

:bijou: prayer !

I've become a big fan of :bijou: and I've spent alot of time and money there so I thought I would share with you one of my favorites from there.Elease Graves is wearing :bijou: prayer in the gorgeous color of turquoise but has mixed a match with the bra from the outfit Lagoon in Green, Prayer comes with bra colors gold and silver. Its just a sexy and classy fun outfit to shop and party or just relax and hangout in.
To get this enchanting fun sexy fashion statement go to :bijou: Takaraduka (170, 162, 33)!


Elease Graves *CEO*

( also wearing shoes from Zhao shoes, Jewelry from Alienbear)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I would like to introduce our new logo for Graves Style! and our new intro page until we get the site finished....

Me and my partner in crime are working hard to bring Graves Style out of the ashes and make it bigger and better then ever!


Elease Graves *CEO*

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alot of changes & Happy Halloween!

More Information coming soon! Thanks!

Darkside has been working really hard on and new and improved site and it will still be linked with just nothing is being showin until we lauch it.

In the mean time take a look at my friends blogs and my flickr site.

Fashion sites:

Looking for a awesome Dj:

Elease's Photography Flickr:

And here is alittle Halloween special to wish you all a wonderful fun filled Halloween holiday....

Elease Graves is wearing the 1 L Halloween gift from S.Y.D by Sy Designs - Mainstore , SyDesigns dAlliez (160, 191, 22)
Happy Halloween 2008
The sim Elease Graves is modeling this cute outfit is OCTOBERVILLE 2008, PixelTrix (138, 85, 22)


Elease Graves (CEO)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Graves Style Moving....

Grave Style blog will soon be moving more to come about this!


Elease Graves *Founder/CEO*

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Second Life's Lingerie Legends 2008 Calendar on Sale NOW!

Announcing Second Life's Lingerie Legends 2008 !!

January - Elease Graves
February - Halfpint Pennell
March - Kristianne Matfield (Winner)
April - Georgette Whitfield
May - Isabel Brocco
June - Graciana McMillian
July - HarMonica Aabye
August - Zoe Demar
September - Darby Odriscoll
October - Absinthe Primrose
November - Anessa Stine
December - Scarlett Niven

Big Thank you goes out to Scarlett Niven from Graves Style!

Be sure you all get the REAL calender by

There is also an in world calendars!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentines Reviews!

What is Elease Wearing?
Hair: [Aden] WindBlown (Black): This hair is very popular with the photographers! hehe.
Lingerie: Indie Rainbow's from Appearance Mode "*IR* Lollipop Lingerie".
Jewelry: JCNY-Rose Garden Heart Necklace

No.9 Nylons Neon Pantyhose!
These are very realistic and super sexy!
Location: No.9 Nylons, Pacific Heights (139, 160, 21)
Words from the Creator:
My new "No.9 Nylons Neon Pantyhose" are replicas of the RL-Hose 'Neon' from Wolford.
I designed 8 different colors, each semi-opaque, short-waisted and with us of socks, pants/underpants layers for L$69 each hose. The complete set for L$399.
~Criollo Forcella~

Shoes: Maitreya - Enchant Squiggle

Photos & Modeling By Elease Graves

Mix -N- Match by Uma Troell!!!

Red Wine & Shorts!
Gisaci Pleated Neck Babydoll - Falu
Bare Rose Maia Shorts
Shiny Things Knee Socks in Wine
Maitreya - Ocean Suede Funkies
Tuli Stars Tattoo Multi Tint
Bonita's Jewlry - Gold Charm Necklace
Bonita's Jewelry - Hearts & Pearls Bracelet 5 - #13
Gold Flower Earings Pair WB GOL
ETD Janine Hair in Platinum
MM Skin - Royale

Hippie Chick!
LeeZu Baxter HippieNo3 Top
IMT Lighter Faded Jeans
Stiletto Moody Bitch Bootie (CP Heel)
LeZu Baxter NavajoAnclet Bluediamant Necklace
Cailyn's Pearl Drop Chain Earings
Cailyn's Butterfly Ring in Pink
Ame True Tendenza Floreale Bracelet in Purple
ETD Jolleen Hair in Platinum
Tuli S3 Tan Skin in Sugar

Photos & Mix N Match by: Uma Troell!

Monday, January 28, 2008

!NEW! Coming!

Our Web Host & Web Designer Darkside Emmons has been working feverishly along side Elease Graves to make a stunning site for the magazine... that will be coming very soon we already have it up and redirected to the blog for the moment until we get it all put together. Hope all you fashionista's in second life enjoy and love what is to come for Graves Style.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the winner is... by Uma Troell

Perfumed Lingerie and the Girls Who Know How to Work it…

Little did ya’ll know that while you were busy ringing in the New Year the Graves Style Team has been feverishly working on selecting the first ever Perfumed Lingerie Models picked exclusively from the lovely ladies at the Perfumed Garden, a place near and dear to my heart *giggles.

The competition was tough, the ladies were all gorgeous and the lingerie to die for, but somehow we managed after hours of arguing, and some black eyes and bruised egos, to emerge from the Graves Style conference room with the names of 3 sexy ladies to be Graves Style’s first Perfumed Lingerie Models and appear in the upcoming edition of Graves Style magazine in my column Underneath It All ;-) The winning models also received a JCNY prize package and a photoshoot with our fearless leader, the fabulously talented Elease Graves…woot!

The models were all asked to submit 3 photos of themselves wearing their favorite lingerie along with a notecard explaining what about that outfit made them feel like the sexiest kitten in all of second life. Here’s a sneak peak at our 3 beautiful winners, Hollis Soderstrom, Telluro Dagger and Elizabeth2007 Flanagan…look for the full story and more about these luscious ladies in the next issue of Graves Style magazine!

Hollis is wearing Giselle Pantie, Bra and Stockings by Hi Standard
Enchant Shoe by Maitreya
Rachel hair by ETD
Lacie Skin and Shape by RaC

Telluro chose to model Lace Corset set in Olive, by PopFuzz
No.9 Nylons Special Vintage Edition in Darker Black, by No.9 Nylons
Vinyl Vixens Hells in Black, by TESLA
Lady Cameo Necklace Set in gold, by !BF!
Boucle d'oreille by Baccara earrings
Essentia Rose in Red size M, by Essentia
I&k Glamour Nails in Burgundy, by I&K
AladyDitaeyebrows, by Alady
Ludmilla Eyes, by Ars*Nova (Custom)
F-Holes Tattoo, by JetDoll
TaP Vivant Almond Candy 3 skin, by Tete a Pied
Kitten with a whip hair in Natural Black , by Ingenue
Shape made by Telluro
Elizabeth Flanagan has on the Leia Black Corset Outfit by INSOLENCE
KinkMaster in Charcoal shoes by Cookies Creations
Diamonds earrings by Sheila`s
Haley Onyx skin by Naughty
ETD Willow hair
Photos Enhanced by Elease Graves.

Valentine's... Lingerie Heaven!

What is Elease Graves wearing?
Hair: RAC- Divine
Lingerie: Simone- Shannon in red
Necklace: JCNY- Rose Garden Heart in silver.

Simone's work is gorgeous and so detailed enough to make any man happy to see his love in. And the Rose Garden Heart from JCNY would make a wonderful gift for valentines. <3