Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simone! Fall Line Fashion Show!

The fashion show held for the popular designer Simone was a smash! Her new designs simply dazzle, and the grace with which the Calamity Models held themselves was simply lovely! Many of the top Magazine owners, writers, fashionista showed up to see what new fashion hits Simone would whip out of her closet.

Being as the sim was maxed out do to the event my co-owner Arabella and Graciana was unable to attend the fashion show but luckily made it for the after part and they like myself was just as excited and thrilled to be there, rubbing elbows with some of sl's best.
(Photo of Simone Stern: Designer)
*Blog post by Elease Graves & Arabella Graves*

Friday, September 28, 2007

Congrats Uma Troell from Graves Style Team!!!!

Introducing 6th calendar pick: Uma Troell.

Photo By Finn Ormsby.

Uma enjoys managing a team and sees her employee group as her family. She cares for this family and takes great pride in seeing them grow and develop into confident, smart, sexy women in SL. She also participated in the Relay for Life and has offered her support to Una Ewing and her Ginko Relief project. She recently held a charity event for the Heron Sanctuary which raised well over $65,000Ls in donations.

(Information provided by Monkeyface Woodget/ his announcement in-world)

Graves Style would like to send out Congrats. to Uma! Watch for her in our first issue soon to come.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Writer: Graciana McMillan also a model.

I would like the welcome Graciana as a writer to .:: Graves Style ::.!

Pictured above: Graciana McMillan (writer, model)

Can't wait to see all the great works of all the writers!
~Elease Graves~

Monday, September 24, 2007

In-world Magazine Soon to come!

I've been working hard the last few weeks scripting, building, graphics, photography.. you name it that comes with publishing a magazine in second life. But I'm happy to announce that the In-world prim magazine and vendors will be finished by the middle October or sooner! If you would like a vendor to place in your shop or home or just have to give out please email me at and I will get it to you asap once its finished. But before then keep checking back to the blog for information or join our group in-world .:: GRAVES STYLE ::.


If your a business in second life and would like to have a one page spread ad in Graves style limited 1 per business maxium ads per magazine 5. So contact us asap and get on the waiting list and find out the cost.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Team Group Photo!

We all got up at the crack of dawn to do this shoot of the Team!

Front row left to Right: Arabella Graves, Darkside Emmons, Elease Graves.

Back row left to Right: Graciana McMillian, Daryl Watanabe, Zeta Vandyke, Taylor Barnes.

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Diva Style 2007" brought to you by MODA Modeling School & Diva Style!

A very classy fashion show with a twist of modern flash and glamour. The models walked the catwalk gracefully and faced the lag with grace! I enjoyed this show.
The MC was classic and kept it fun and interesting and the music was only made it better. At the end KandieKain Laval won the crown for Miss Diva Style 2007!
I would like to thank Graciana McMillan for inviting me and Arabella to this awsome show! and MODA Modeling School & Diva Style for putting on such a great show
for all of us to enjoy!

.:: NEW ::. Guest Book Below!

We newly added a awsome guest book to the blog so all the Style fans can interact with our site! We want .:: Graves Style ::. to be as fun as possiable and no lameness and we never want to bore you!



Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Made friends & Memories rekindled!

"Me in the July Budweiser Select Lingerie Modeling Contest!"

I stood in Solange for about an hour deciding whether or not to join this Lingerie contest "Budweiser Select Lingerie Modeling Contest" brought to you by Millionofus. I finally got the guts to do so... after about a week of waiting for the results they invited me into the the group and sent me note-cards and information on what to do... I was excited yet nervous because I had never been in a Second Life runway show. The big day arrived and I walked down the runway fighting through the lag with a smile.. Sadly, I never made it into the top 5 but through word of mouth discovered that I was all over many of the ads and promos for the event, example....this video made by millionofus:

Photos also...[Elease Graves(contestant), Graciana McMillan(2nd place), Scarlett Niven(winner)]
Snapshots provided by Graciana.
Then time came for the two finalists to go up against each other for the big win... Scarlett Niven and Graciana McMillan. In the end Scarlett came out with the winning title. ~~~~~~~~
One day I was in my Photo Studio and I get a IM that had me shocked... Graciana McMillan wanting professional photos done by me O.O. Of course I didn't say no so I made a appointment to do her photos. She came in and I mean this girl glowed and was so sweet and enjoyed every minute doing her photo shoot.

Photo of Graciana McMillan by Elease Graves.

That night she invites me to the celebration of hers and Scarletts.

Graciana's and Scarletts party....

Graciana, Arabella, Elease dancing on the Bar at Bud select club at the party.~~~~~~~~~
As of today I have hired Graciana as a model for .:: Graves Style ::. " Welcome Graci" !
And she will remain my dear friend for a life time!
Thank you Millionofus for this wonderful experience!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

White Radiance!

Model: Elease Graves
Whats she wearing you ask?
Hair: ETD Jared - Sunny (male hair)
Tattoo: Sweet Flowers Tattoo @ Cherish Studios!
Skirt: Nyte'N'Day - Raiment Prim Skirt (white)
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - White Wifebeater (comes with the Nyte'N'Day -Jean Jacket-regular)
Necklace: DDD Silver Capricorn Zodiac Necky 597 @ Digital Dragon
Earrings: [Encore] Timeless Hoop Earrings (black pearl) @ Encore (main store)
Skin: Chai-blueberry @ Lovey's Boutique

New Models!

I would like to welcome our new models for .:: Graves Style ::. !

Graciana McMillan
Ashtin Graves
Thorn Orr
Sebastain Bourne

Lead Models + Publishers, Writers, Editors.
Elease Graves
Arabella Graves

Thank you ladies and gents for joining our awsome team!