Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shoe Review: Stiletto Moody Shoes!

(Photo By Elease Graves/ Model: Elease Graves)
Style Showin: Tie Me Up (Silver on Silver)
When I first set my eyes on Stiletto Moody Shoes I couldn't resist and stood there forever drooling at thems and there so worth there price. Alot of them are menu driven with AO Sexy walk and Heel Click and much more depending on the style of shoe you get.
I give this shoe store *5 Stars* ... there the best I have seen and love them. The detail is amazing... there a must see!
Nice job Stiletto Moody!!! We love what you do :)
Visit Stiletto Moody Shoes at Deauville (45, 29, 22)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Urban Fabulous Style Find!

My dear friend Zeta Vandyke, one of my Top Models showed me a wonderful store called Dutch Touch for Urban clothes. Shes got me hooked line and sinker hehe. So I thought I would share it with all you Graves Style readers.

What is Elease Graves wearing?



LInDy DreSses


:: DUTCH TOUCH MAINSTORE =^.^= , Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)



LAST CALL: Wood, Metal, & Opal Jewellery Set

Last Call by Dazzle Haute Coutur, Dazzle (67, 19, 27)


JCNY - BirthGem Collection - October Opal

JCNY Collection,, Farrah Island (195, 59, 24)



Analog Dog- tamara brunette

Analog Dog Quality Flexi Hair, Triggerfish (28, 27, 21)



Linda Light by PXL Creations=Coffee_CatEyes_Brown Eyebrows

PXL Creation Boutiques Main Stor, Peronaut (22, 51, 48)



DDD black Posh Ankle Boot

Digital Dragon (113, 113, 23)


Ewing Fashion Agency and OnRez Launch Fashion Design Awards in Second Life.

Ewing Fashion Agency and OnRez Launch Fashion Design Awards in Second Life
Second Life, November 19, 2007: Today Ewing Fashion Agency ("EFA") and OnRez announced the creation of the Ewing Design Awards in Second Life. With the Ewing Design Awards, EFA and OnRez are creating a global online contest that will unite the entire Second Life community in a celebration of the best that Second Life fashion has to offer.
Ewing Fashion Agency Chief Executive Officer Una Ewing said, "The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) has been in operation for five months and in that time, we have witnessed numerous contests and competitions geared towards models, but never anything concrete for the people who actually toil and sweat to create the beautiful fashions that we enjoy wearing. The Ewing Design Awards gives the Second Life community the opportunity to reward the creativity and innovation of the fashion content creators in Second Life."
Awards and prizes by will be granted in different categories, such as hair, skins, and shoes, ensuring niche content creators a fair chance of winning. An Overall Winner prize will also be granted to the designer with the most sales, as measured by revenue, across any of the listed categories. As of today, Second Life content creators will be allowed to enter one new and exclusive design through the Shop OnRez website, Second Life consumers will "vote" for their favorite designers through purchases in-world and through of entered contest items. Sales of the entered items will be measured by Shop OnRez from December 1,2007 through January 6, 2008 , with winners determined at the end of that period as measured by the total revenue from sales of the entered contest item. The full contest rules and instructions for entering can be found at the Ewing Fashion Agency website, located at
The Overall Winner will receive L$100,000 in prize money provided by Shop OnRez, a full-service fashion show coordinated by the Ewing Fashion Agency, and an advertising and promotional media package worth more than L$ 50,000. Winners in individual categories will receive L$7,500 in prize money provided by Shop OnRez, a fashion show voucher worth L$1000 towards a fashion show by the Ewing Fashion Agency, and an advertising and promotional media package worth more than L$ 25,000.
The winners will be feted at the Ewing Design Awards gala event held on the 15th of Januay, 2008.
About the Ewing Fashion Agency
Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic and dynamic group founded by model Una Ewing which develops, trains and promotes the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. As a fashion promotions agency, EFA uses fashion as a promotional tool for our non-fashion industry related clients, and promotes the fashion of fashion industry related clients. More about EFA can be found at their website,
About OnRez
OnRez is a growing suite of software services designed for users of virtual worlds, with an initial focus on Second Life. OnRez's goal is to make virtual worlds easier to use and help information flow more efficiently within and across virtual worlds and the Web. OnRez is created by the software team within The Electric Sheep Company. Shop OnRez is the most advanced ecommerce solution for Second Life users, providing buying and selling tools on the web and in-world.
( press release by Ewing Fashion Agency )

JCNY - 3rd Model Search Winners!

JCNY - 3rd Model Search Winners and Awards Announcement
Welcome to the winning top models for JCNYModel Search November 2007
November was sensational!Here are the winning models in order of place
Top 10 WomensJCNY Models, We proudly applaud:
1 - Lux Debevec

2- Payton Heron

3- Innika Ferraris

4- Venla DeCuir

5- Ai Hienrichs

6- Elease Graves

7- Fann Hyun

8- Heavenly Hollywood

9- Harmonica Aabye

10- Kym Shepherd

Top 5 MensJCNY Models, We proudly applaud:
1- Crescenzo Infinity

2- Davey Hullabaloo

3- Franck Veranes

4- Wavie Haller

5- Raffaello Robbiani

Congratulations to all winning Models!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fantastic Team Meeting!!

We had a wonderful fantastic meeting with alot ideas and organization... Alot of exciting things to come for Graves Style. The next issue in world will be Fantastic! With alot of surprises and new things... very exciting! This next issue will be 3 months combined in one issue Nov./Dec./Jan.! So keep your eyes and ears open or join the in world Group .:: Graves Style ::. for more info.
Graves Style Flickr Contest Winners!
For issue Nov./Dec./Jan.!
We have been getting the flickr members involved with Graves Style by adding a graves style group and everyone is allowed to add photos to the pool. We choose 6 photos we feel are the best in the pool for each issue of Graves Style and do a spread in the magazine.
Winners are *drum roll*:
Stephen Venkman
Nyla Rossini
Melodious Source
Ryker Beck
Marie Lauridsen
Keiko Morigi
Congrats Winners will be seeing your photos & bios in the next issue!
To see the winning photos go here