Saturday, October 20, 2007

EFA~Fashion Week Day 4!

It was a long week for our writer/model Graciana McMillan (photos in slide) walking down the runway at Ewing Fashion District at Saint Helene, but she got through it with grace and glamour at EFA Fashion week by Ewing Fashion Agency in association with Second Style Magazine and hosted by Una Ewing CEO of Ewing Fashion Agency! Day 4 Designers were Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai and Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon be sure to look them up in-world and check out there wonderful stores and designs! Many wonderful models walked and posed gracefully down the runway and the designs dazzled the runway and the fashionistas. Alot of well known people were in the crowd enjoying the show to many to list. After the show there was a nice comfy interview with the designers where the guests get to ask questions and they anwsered as Una Ewing sat grandly in her chair hosting the interview (pictures in slide). Then after the interview Una Ewing hosted a dance party in the beautiful dance area at Ewing Fashion District at Saint Helene (photo of Elease Graves and Graciana McMillan dancing). It was a gorgeous and stylish event and I would like to thank Una Ewing for all the hard work she put into the show... and last off I would like to thank my sissy Graciana McMillan for grabbing me by the hand and taking me to such a exciting show before the whole event was over.
~Elease Graces~

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interview with 12Avatar Girl - Uma Troell

I know that anyone who saw her loved the pics of Uma in the first edition of .::Graves Style::. So it goes without saying that getting to know the blonde bombshell is the icing on the cake. I was able to pry deeper into what makes Ms. Troell tick, and sharing this exclusively with you! Keep in mind though, Uma-licious is not only smart, beautiful, and witty, she is a fire cracker with a killer sense of humor to go along with that killer....well you know...anyways keep the tongue in the cheek as you read on....

Uma, we all want to know what is your most positive experience in SL: "Without a doubt it was the Heron Sanctuary charity event I ran for my club, The Perfumed Garden. It totally made Sl feel less indulgent and more like a vehicle to positively impact people's lives. I had the warm fuzzies after that event for weeks :)"

If you were the goddess of SL what would you change/create? "Wait...what do you mean "if" missy! We can edit that later. Anyway, my first edict would be all men must remain topless at all times and all women are forbidden from asking me for LM's so they can get the same outfits as I have...and of course the usual bowing and averting of eyes by all while in my presence ;-)"

Favorite aspect of SL: "For me personally it’s the creative writing. I love to conjure emotions and cause visceral reactions by my use of words. Through emotes and role-play as well as just conversational IM’ing, I have had the most wonderful, thought provoking and entertaining interactions with people. In RL as well as SL I always admire those who can evoke emotion through the written word."

What do you think of women’s roles in SL: "Women can take SL as far as their imaginations and drive will allow. I am such a girls girl and am in complete support of any women that want to pursue business or more creative aspects of SL. My plan is to start a female business owners group and grow a network of women helping women to self actualize."

What is a typical day in SL for Uma Troell? "Well it usually starts with an hour long meeting with my stylist (my typist) and we decide what look we are trying to achieve for the day. Then I meet with my hair and makeup people (my typist) and we try out several hairstyles and makeup looks to find the right ones. Then I go to the shoe closet and discuss footwear with a specialist (my typist), once the proper shoes have been chosen its on to jewelry and accessories where I work with a wonderful woman (my typist) who pulls the whole look together. I have a huge entourage (my typist) but I couldn’t get anything done without them (my typist)! Oh, after that I go and do everything else, all the boring businessy stuff no one wants to hear about."

Favorite inventory item? "Last time I was asked this question I said my friends list (I know its not technically an “inventory item”…sue me) but as of today my favorite inventory item is my new sculpty prim boots. They’re suede and the best fall tobacco color! Does this mean I’m becoming shallow?"

Thoughts on your AV appearing on a RL/SL calendar: "I think it’s awesome and I am totally pumped. I think it’s incredible the way SL and RL collide at times and I think it’s fantastic that someone in the real world might have a calendar hanging up with pics of me and the other 11 girls on it…how hard does that rock? Seriously, I am so honored to be part of the project and am still a bit overwhelmed by it all. And I know I am a very lucky girl to have the support of such wonderful friends in SL who helped me tremendously with this. That includes you Graci girl! Luv ya G…lets hang out later, we’ll make out…lol!"

Uma’s next project? "Oh my gosh there are so many! First thing is to organize another charity event ASAP...I am actively searching for in world charities that can accept donations. Then I guess I will move on to directing my own machinima production...gotta learn how to do that, building an annex to my club, forming my business owners group, organizing my own pageant and, as always, continuing to build my empire."

Best place you’ve been to in SL? "I know I am biased, but honestly my fav place in all of SL is my club, The Perfumed Garden. That place is more than just another SL club, it’s a living breathing entity and it’s a part of me, it’s in my heart. The people that hang out there are my family and the girls that work for me are my sisters and I love them all dearly. The Garden is where I laugh, cry, chat, argue, socialize, love, hate, dance, mingle, learn, giggle, grow…and party!!!"

Most surprising thing in SL: "The people…man there are some characters in SL! It never ceases to amaze me what funny, articulate, well read, educated people SL attracts…its gotta be the most eclectic group of citizens ever!"

Anything else you want people to know? "I’m not bad…I’m just drawn that way ;-)"

.:: Graves Style ::. First Issue in-world Released!!

1st Issue came out with a "BANG"! Graves Style Creative Team Worked so
hard this last month on all the wonderful storys and photos!
Thanks GS team!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ravenlynn Templar of Liquid Velvet Studios aka LVS & co.

Me and Arabella had the pleasure to Interview Ravenlynn Templar of Liquid Velvet Studios (LVS) for a big part of our first issue.
Shes known for her detailed fashion designs and fun costumes and also helps with donations for Toys for Tots. Her shop is located at Cassiopeia Isle Drive in-world... very beautiful sim and has a great Halloween street and now a Roller Skating Rink and also a Cinema with Halloween movies playing. She also shares the Isle with other awesome businesses, NekoTails, Lynx, Silky Whispers, Stolen Moments, Bridal Party, The Pampered Puss, The Broken Doll.

You can find these shops with this slurl....
So check them out!
And be sure to look for her interview in the first issue of Graves Style on Oct 13th 2007!
Graves Style would like to thank Ravenlynn for her time and hard work on her beautiful designs and giving all of us fashionista's something to always look forward to.

Graves Style Magazine First Issue Release Date!

We will be releasing Issue #1 on Oct 13th 2007.... the creative team has been working really hard to make it possiable. Thanks Teams for all your hard work and time you have put into making us a success.
Magazine Vendors will be available also (no mod/copy/tranfer) just IM Elease Graves or go to the Graves Style headquaters to get your copy.

~Elease Graves~