Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Issue #2 Release moved to 12/20/07 due sl issues!

Due to secondlife grid being down we have moved to release date to 12/20/07!
Sorry for the delay! But here is a glimpse of the issues cover! Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

FASHION EXPOSE' 2007! December 14th 7pm slt!

Graves Style would like to proudly announce....

Location: Le Cadre 125, 69, 355

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle Belles Simone! Holiday Fashion Show!

~Jingle Belles Simone! Christmas Holiday fashion show here on the OnRez Runway!~

Runway Announcer: Alexandra Nichols

Alexandra Nichols: Welcome everyone to the Jingle Belles Simone! Christmas Holiday fashion show here on the OnRez Runway. With the party season approaching fast and Christmas only weeks away, Simone has worked her fingers to the bone to release some of the most breathtaking outfits for this or any holiday season. No matter what hemisphere you are living in, we can always count on Simone! to supply us with the perfect outfit for any occasion.
Simone Stern raises her hands "SEE THE BONES!"

Alexandra Nichols: Some of the gowns you are about to see are only available till the 24th of December... After that they disappear to make way for the New Year! ~Smiles~
With Simone! Gowns and shoes, and hair by Calla and Panache I can only say one thing ... Get ready to have your Belles Jingled, by Holiday designs like no others.


Alexandra Nichols: Arabella Graves ( model for Calamity's Haute Models Agency) ... continues our trend of Southern Christmas Belles in Dahlia.Another Limited Time Christmas Release. Once again this gown has a historical air in keeping with the Ball Room Traditions of the Deep South. Though this time in striking Christmas RED only. The red tapestry bodice is accented with gold lace and white silk and features flexi sleeves and a perfect asset framing neckline! This is a gown for a headstrong Southern Lady! Or anyone that wants to channel their Inner Belle! While I might not be able to wear this in Australia at Christmas either ( mummble grummble), all of us can command any Ball in SL these Holidays!Available only in Red and only till the 24th, this outfit includes flexi skirt and sleeves as well as matching stockings and panties.


Alexandra Nichols: WARNING! This outfit is TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Genevieva Ferraris (model for Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency).... is in this years Simone! Elf 2007! Every year Simone! releases a Costume specifically designed and named for the Holiday season.. Elf 2007 is this years must have Christmas outfit. Whether visiting friends or handing out presents. Elf 2007 is sure to get comments where ever you go. Featuring a sculptie hat with bell, white fluffy collar and cuffs and candy cane tights, this outfit brings to mind the childlike joy of the holiday season. Alexandra Nichols: Add a short fluffy edged flexi skirt and you have the perfect outfit for skipping around the winter sims! This costume is only available till the 24th of December so get in quick!

Alexandra Nichols: Looking for something perfect for both the Christmas Ball and New Years Eve? Then look no further than Angel6 Susanti (owner of Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency) in Party Girl in Red! Once again Simone! has given us the perfect outfit for all occasions. Party Girl is two outfits in one! You can choose between a full belle skirt or a short cocktail skirt, each with their own flexi bow at the waist. Party girl features the outstanding hand drawn embroidery
Simone Stern: no no no I didn't hand draw the lace. Parts of that bow are hand drawn tho lol :D
Alexandra Nichols: and shading that we all know and love in Simone! Designs.
Simone Stern: but thanks for the vote of confidence! :D
Alexandra Nichols: Well your hand drawn is so good it is hard to tell!
Simone Stern: Kind of you :)
Alexandra Nichols: The classic strapless bodice is highlighted with black that is echoed around the edge of both flexi skirts as well as a black sash and flexi bow. And with 2 flexi skirt options to choose from, this gown can do double duty all through the holiday season. Available in Red or White, this outfit includes a two flexi bows, two flexi skirts, elbow length gloves, matching stockings and panties.

Alexandra Nichols: Please help me in welcoming out our Runway Director Calamity Hathaway.
Wearing the much desired Poinsettia in Red!
Calamity Hathaway: Please join me in thanking our awesome and always stylish announcer.
Alexandra Nichols: Poinsettia is one of the most sought after outfits in SL.
Calamity Hathaway: Thank you also to Angel6 Susanti, owner of the Down Under Aussie Modeling Agency! And to the staff and Models of Calamity's Haute Models!
Alexandra Nichols: For those that have been asking... Yes my own outfit also also a Simone! Design... Santa Baby is available till the 24th and has the best fluffy in SL! ~Smiles~
(showin above)

Happy Holidays from us and Simone!
So make sure to stop by Simone's and see all her gorgeous creations!

Thank you Simone again for all you do!

Location: Simone 123, 154, 36

Modeling Agencys:
Calamity's Haute Models Agency
Aussie modeling agency

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lots of changes to come in 2008!

We are working feverishly at tons of new things for Graves Style that will soon to come in 2008! We are very excited by it all ! We will soon be bringing out Issue #2 its will be a small special Edition to Christmas and Fashion and much more.. then after that the Will be coming out with a new look and feel for the in-world magazine to match many other new things coming out! So stay tuned!

Introducing a glimpse of whats to come our new Logo!