Saturday, December 27, 2008

☑ Coming soon.... Unmentionable !

☑ Coming soon....

Unmentionable - Elegant Wedding Gowns and Lingerie !
Designer Elease Graves!

Unmetionable , Ellesmere (179, 176, 147)

** GRAND OPENING is set for 01/20/09 **

Make A Wish Celebrity Charity Auction Invite

Make A Wish Celebrity Charity Auction Invite
Originally uploaded by Studio Red Events

Studio Red cordially invites you to attend the Second Life Make-a-Wish Celebrity Charity Auction. The event showcases 21 SL celebrities, each available for a two-hour date via auction. We invite you to help us make a difference. Please join us Sunday, December 28, 2008 from 1PM until 5PM SLT. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Meredith Freund and you will have ample opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with the celebrity auctionees.

Remember to arrive early, capacity is limited!


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Costa Rica Sims & Runway Productions: Designers Showcase

Costa Rica Sims & Runway Productions: Designers Showcase
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"Glamourati Costa Rica Style" Fashion Show

Sunday December 28th 2008 at 12 pm SLT
@ Costa Rica Events Sim

Monday, December 22, 2008

VOTE! Dark Eden Girl - Elease Graves - December

Vote for Elease Graves as Dark Eden Girl

Take this slurl ....

Click here to take slurl to Dark Eden to Vote

Be sure to check out Dark Edens creations also :)

Elease Graves

Sunday, December 21, 2008

sabra Hemingway

sabra Hemingway
Originally uploaded by Cienega Soon

New emerging Second Life Artist ~ sabra Hemingway

Her landscapes can only be described as brilliant picture perfect captures, laced with her eye for vivid color, vibrant tapestries of her lively imagination.

Her first galleried show will be a hit. Along with some of her already spotted works seen on her flickr and KoinUp pages, sabra will be surprising us with new unseen work.

Dont miss this chance to meet her and drink in her artistic style on the walls of Juicy gallery.

sabra Hemingway is a very collectible artist.
One piece at the opening will be a limited edition.

January 3rd
7:00pm SLT
Dress Formal
show runs thru the thru Jan 11th 2009

Save the Date! Win $5000L!

Save the Date! Win $5000L!
Originally uploaded by Ryker Beck

Come and celebrate the release of From Second Life to Florence with the Avatrait artists and fans!

Time to brush up on that Second Life art knowledge! Come dressed as your favorite piece of Second Life art and compete for the chance to win a free copy of the book as well as $5000L cash! Second place will receive a free copy of the book! Get creative. Be imaginative. Let your freak flag fly! And be prepared to let us know which piece of art you are dressed up as, cause, you know... we'd like to know. :P

Event Details:
Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
Code Red Lounge
DJs: Azufr3 Catteneo and special guest DJ

A special thank you to all the artists of Avatrait for helping make this book a reality. Thank you to CodeBastard Redgrave for allowing us the use of her sim for what is sure to be one KICK ASS party! Thank you to Azu for agreeing to DJ, and thank you to all of the Avatrait staff and board, without which we wouldn't even have this party to throw. XD

Save the date! And I'll see ya there. ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freak Show Project

Freak Show Project
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Who said yes for now?

angelllina Tedeschi
Asenath Rossini
Mavi Beck
Jarl Soderstrom
Estella McCallen
Alii Vella
Raffaello Robbiani
Hio Taringa
Faina Cortes
Sura Abismo
Eva Grimes
Mu Negulesco
Andreas Winger
Keiko Morigi
Gabrielle Sinatra
Galatea Zabelin
Cynthia Ultsch
Maitreya Graves
Stephen Venkman
Cerdwin Flanagan
Dolly Voom
Crow610 Mainline
Stein Stilova
telemaco Homewood
Thea Denja
Qaxxos (naaame!)
Denise Rowlands
Pilgrim Miles
Vallys Baxter
four yip
Xavi Nightfire
Carmilla Mirabeau
Canguro Willsmere
Marie Lauridsen

What about you?